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HowTo: Creating a PVC Candy Cane  (Tim Fischer)

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Step 6 : Wait for Cane to Cool

Once the cane is cool, you can remove it from it's "mold". At this point, it should look something like the picture above.

Step 7 : Removing the PVC Markings

Removing the PVC markings turned out to be more difficult than I expected. I first tried using paint thinner, which cleaned up the pipe but did not remove the markings. I tried PVC cleaning solvent, which smudged them badly but did not remove them. I finally ended up grinding them off with a Dremel tool.

Step 8 : Adding the Stripe

Use the red tape to add the stripe to the PVC. Be sure to use a tape that will hold up to the elements. We practiced using the 'blue' masking tape before doing it "for real" with the red tape. HINT: Home Depot sells high-quality 3M electrical tape in many colors.

Step 9 : Voila!

Congrats! The product is now finished! Now you can make lots of them!

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