Christmas Light Control - Everything about controlling your Christmas lights and Christmas displays with your computer.
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Computer Christmas was created by myself () from scratch. PHP and MySQL were used to implement the entire site. No HTML or WYSIWYG editors were used for any of the site. It has all been coded by hand using the vi editor. It is all original code with the exception of the forums. The forums use phorum - although I did some major modifications to show the user's self photo as well as special login protection and user scoring. All the graphics were created with GIMP. The site is run on dedicated web servers that I have total control over so we can do anything imaginable with this site.

The site was designed to give the community of Christmas light enthusiasts (especially computer controlled lights) an all-in-one site for anything we can imagine. It has been designed in a way that allows community interaction and community contribution to make the site a valuable resource of information.

If you have any suggestions for additional features/ideas for the site, please let me know or post a message to the forums and get some additional community feedback.

Several areas of the site allow postings, uploads, and other input. In order to allow this in a timely manner, much of the uploaded data can not be monitored at all times by myself and will require the community's feedback. If you observe any obscene or inappropriate contributions, please email me so I can remove the questionable material and take necessary actions.

Now browse around the site, register, login, and begin sharing ideas with other Christmas light fanatics just like yourself!

   - Hill Robertson
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