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 Re: Testing Sean Beof SSR
 Don Koehler 
Date:   10-31-12 17:11

SSR Is a device composed of a few components in one package.
At is simplest you are using an output signal(voltage) to turn on another signaL(VOLTAGE). Without physically connecting the two signals just as you would with a mechainical relay but way faster and way more durable due to rapid cycling of these ralays. A Solid State Relay (SSR) usually consists of a LED(usually Infrared), a light sensitve component(Diode,transistor,Triac-AC trasistor,ect). Mostly that is it depending on what you are controlling with the SSR.
In the case of Christmas lights we ae usually talking about AC.
But you can make SSRs that can can control(on-off,Dim)anything AC or DC. The controller you build does not care what the SSR is controlling it just sends a signal. Essentially just lighting an LED that will trigger the light detecting side of the SSR.
You can do two things Buy a SSR good to go 5 volt in 120 to 240Volts out. Aprox 5-$10 each.
build your own for about $1.50 each.
My contrller has 320 channels hence the need for 320 SSRs guess which I did.
there are 4 basic part you need for an AC 120V SSR
a triac optoisolator
two Resistors 1-330 Ohm
1-180 Ohm
and a Triac rated for 4 to 20 Amps.
Thats it. There are a few diferent designs of the circuit but these four parts are pretty much the circuits staple parts.
For more info Please eMailme @ theshades@
my display can be found on youtube Search: CRUNCBURYBEAST.

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 Testing Sean Beof SSR  new
Ed Curtis 02-15-12 12:14 
 Re: Testing Sean Beof SSR  new
Don Koehler 10-31-12 17:11 

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