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Author:  Dave Johnson 
Date:   01-07-07 22:52

I love Perl. I don't write in any other language unless forced too! Parallel and Serial port programing are very easy in Perl (well I guess you could say it is easy in anything other than Windows XP).

Is there anything available to synchronize music to Perl in Linux?
It seems straightforward to kick off some music and drive the parallel or serial port at the same time.... but I'm worried about
1) the music and sequence staying in sync...
2) without Vixen, it seems very time consuming to manually define a sequence for the lights in Linux using Perl. Are there gui's available for this? Other methods?
3) I must say, vixen really is nice, but in the end, i would rather use Linux.... I wish they distributed Vixen for Linux!

Thanks for your time to help me out!


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Dave Johnson 02-05-07 01:55 
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Ray Morris 12-15-08 20:35 

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