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 new user questions - midi decoding
Author:  jack snodgrass 
Date:   11-20-07 15:06

I have a custom setup that lets me run 16, individually addressable, xmas light strands from my linux box. ( uses two
parallel ports )

I'd like to see if I can get this syncronized with some music.
I don't have a lot of time, so there may be 'better' things
out there, but I'm looking for something cheap that I can get
going really soon.

If I have a 'midi' file and use something like midicsv to
convert it to numbers... is there a way I can map the
midicsv numbers to my 16 light strings? I know almost ZERO about
midi and the midicsv program I found. I did play in the band 25+
years ago so I know what a musical note is.... does anyone know
if it would be possible / practical to take a midi file, use
something like midicsv and then map that output ( somehow ) to
my 16 light strings? 'doe = x1' 'ray = x2' 'me = x3' etc...
I just don't know how the MIDI sounds are structured... are they
doe, ray, me, fa, so, la, ti, doe based or notes a, a-flat, b-sharp, g-minor, etc or something else.... anyone know?

Thanks - jack

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 new user questions - midi decoding  new
jack snodgrass 11-20-07 15:06 
 Re: new user questions - midi decoding  new
Anthony Marchini 11-22-07 10:26 

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