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 Linux Sequence software
Author:  Ken Walker 
Date:   11-15-07 17:19

So IS there any sequence software for Linux? Not just Vixen running under wine. And don't misunderstand, I like Vixen, I'm just a terrible housekeeper and I don't do windows.


 Re: Linux Sequence software
Author:  Anthony Marchini 
Date:   11-15-07 20:13

Well,I have been waiting for Mono to catch up, but none that I am aware of. There may be some midi software out there and if you want to control lights using midi , that will work.

Tony M.

 Re: Linux Sequence software
Author:  Steve Willoughby 
Date:   11-10-08 13:25

I'm in the middle of writing a Linux sequencer/player now. I was hoping to have it ready earlier in the year but... yeah, we all know how that goes. I still plan to run my lights with it this year but it'll still be pretty experimental at that point. I'll post more info if people are interested, as this develops.

 Re: Linux Sequence software
Author:  Andy Yates 
Date:   11-21-08 12:29

I'm really excited to hear about your project. What language are you using? I hope you will at least consider open sourcing the project. Linux is in need of a good Open Source light sequencer. Vixen is great software, but even though there are feature requests it is been at the same version for at least a year.

 Re: Linux Sequence software
Author:  Steve Willoughby 
Date:   01-08-09 12:25

I put the first alpha code up at the other day. My plan is to get the native sequence editor working by mid-2009, but this software (running on Ubuntu) did run my own lights this year, using Vixen to edit the sequences and then importing them into my own tool (Lumos) for playback on Linux. It is implemented in Python and should be platform-independent.

 Re: Linux Sequence software
Author:  Frank van der Hulst 
Date:   06-27-10 03:43

Sorry if dragging up old topics is frowned upon, but, after struggling with Wine and Vixen, I'm hoping that Lumos may let me get things running easier on my Linux system.

Steve, are you still around? Doing anything with Lumos? Do you want some help with it?

 Re: Linux Sequence software
Author:  Steve Willoughby 
Date:   11-26-11 14:19

Holy cow, I've been away from the forum a lot longer than I planned!

Yes, I'm still working on Lumos but other life priorities made me put int on the back burner too long. For this year, I'm adding the ability to play music tracks in sync with the lights (still experimental but it seems to work ok so far).

The big problem is that I haven't had time to work out a sequence editor and other GUI tools for it, so I still have to write the sequences in Vixen and then copy them over to Lumos to play on my hardware (which is (a) on Linux and (b) a controller Vixen doesn't support.)

I'm planning to get the music-enabled version of Lumos released on SourceForge this weekend.

 Re: Linux Sequence software
Author:  Steve Willoughby 
Date:   12-01-11 12:22

It's up on sourceforge now. This adds audio playback with the sequence. Still experimental "alpha" code, but it's running my Christmas lights now at my house, on a FreeBSD system this year (previous years I have used Ubuntu Linux and Windows 7 successfully).

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