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Christmas 2004 Rhodes House (Frank Rhodes)

This is a wide shot of our house. We have a little over 50,000 lights. A number of static display (A couple of blowups, a Polar Bear with its bottle of Coke, A family of deer drinking at a pond of blue lights, Santa's sleigh and 3 reindeer, A skating Santa, and a Ginger Bread house). I have 23 trees wrapped with over 15,000 lights. My center pieces are a flowing waterfall feeding a stream and a pond. And a 14 foot Christmas Tree that changes colors every 6 seconds.

This is our side yard. It has the ginger bread house and some other static displays.

The entry to our house

The high peak of our roof. I hate outlining this part of our house, but I do like the way it looks.

This shot show the waterfall and the 14ft Christmas Tree. I used standard 4 channel chaser lights for the waterfall, but I cut off the controllers and am using my own. I have 11 strings of chaser lights and I wanted them to be in sync.

Some of our blowups.

Our Christmas Train. The train and the Polor bear in background were new additions this year.

This is also new this year. I needed to add a Sleigh to my display.

Here is our pond. I used chicken wire to help keep the lights from falling into the grass. Last year I just had the pond and drinking deer. This year I added the waterfall and the stream feeding the pond.

The stream and pond from our entry way.

Another shot of the stream. It also shows many of the wrapped trees and the waterfall.

Here is the control box I have driving my animation. This is my first year, so I only have 7 channels. I am using a Picaxe 18x microprocessor to drive the SSRs. I have 1 bank of 4 SSRs driving the waterfall channels. I used standard blue chaser lights, but I cut off the controls and am using the picaxe to drive them. This way all 11 chaser light strings stay in sync. I fire one channel at a time every half second. I then have a bank of 3 SSRs driving the Christmas tree. Each channel is driving about 1700 lights. I fire each channel every 6 seconds, and on the 4th cycle I turn all 3 channels on.

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