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Curtain Strobe Modification

HowTo: Curtain Strobe Modification  (Hill Robertson)


Step 1 : Open Strobe

This version of the curtain strobe seems to flash at a rate of about once every 2.5 seconds. We want to make them flash a bit faster for a more dramatic effect.

First, open the curtain strobe. The clear cover should screw off. Once it is off, you need to get the little circuit board out so you can modify it. There may be some goop bonding the board to the side of the case. If so, you need to scrape the goop away until you can pull out the board. I used a plain flat head screwdriver and kept scraping away the edges until it came loose. Then, pull the board out.

Step 2 : Replace The Resistor

Replace the resistor in position R4 with a 470k ohm resistor (roughly half a meg) and the flash rate will speed up. You may have to carefully bend back nearby components to get to the resistor easier.

Once the resistor is replaced and the strobe is put back together, it should flash about every 0.75 seconds. Soon, I may try dropping the resistor value even less if I want the strobes to flash even faster.


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